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Exclusive access is very valuable. It means you get to pick units that others don’t have access to, and even before the general realtor finds out. Register now with CondoGen’s Exclusive Insider Condo Club to get first access.

Purchasing a pre-construction condo is a great way to invest your money into the booming real estate market. When it comes to pre-construction condos, there are a few very important aspects to include in your strategy.

Remember, second place is just the first to lose. CondoGen gets insider access to the Greater Toronto Area’s most anticipated condo projects before everyone else. All of Canada’s top investors work with renowned Condo sales teams such as CondoGen, to get early access and initial phase one pricing for pre-construction condos.

That’s what led us to create the CondoGen Insider Club – an exclusive CondoGen group that gets first access and investor insight on all of Toronto’s best condos.

First In Line

First come, first serve. Being first is always the best. Work with CondoGen so that you have the best chance at getting the unit you want! We get access to condo projects prior to public launch at day one pricing with access to the best units!

Stay informed

Knowledge is power. Register with us to ensure you have all of the latest and greatest information for Toronto’s best condos.

Save money!

A dollar saved, is a dollar earned! Day one pricing is always better than when the condo launches to the public. Save thousands of dollars by getting a unit prior to other investors and condo purchasers.

Insider Condo Club Analysis

Prior to purchasing, we do a strategic analysis of all investment decisions, providing our investors with free consultation on making the right condo purchases.

Exclusive Access

Believe it or not, certain condo suites have so much demand that they can’t even be shared online. Join now to get unprecedented access to all condo projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

Developer Insight

Our team has developed strong relationships with developers all across the GTA. Working with CondoGen will get you access to projects by developers ensuring you have a good understanding of every investment you make!

Investment Tips

The CondoGen Condo Club is the way to go if you are looking to purchase high potential condo projects yielding a positive return in the future. Condos is everything we do. CondoGen is one of the GTA’s leading condo sales teams for investors and condo purchasers.

The High-Rise Generation

Times have changed. Not everyone is purchasing a freehold home. It’s the generation of condos – CondoGen. Register now to get the latest insight and information on the GTA’s best condos. Don’t miss out.

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