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Platinum Access is a word that’s thrown around quite a bit. How can you tell who has platinum access and who doesn’t? Here are the major clues that give it away. For example, with CondoGen, we have an entire team dedicated to condo projects in the GTA. We have built long-lasting and meaningful relationships with the biggest developers in the GTA. We are known for selling difficult units, getting early platinum access, and having direct contact with builders to ensure that our clients get the best access. Platinum Access is very important when purchasing pre-construction condos. The most important thing is a developing location and getting first access to the units you prefer. It really is simple – the better the access the better the return on investment. Typically how it works is that the developers have to sell 80% of all units before receiving financing for construction. This is what incentivizes the developer to offer the building at a slightly discounted price to gain high volume of sales. The developers leave this trusted task with some of the best Condo companies in the GTA such as CondoGen. It is very important that these condos not only sell out immediately, but also sell to trusted clients that come from a proven track-record of successful purchases. As a result, instead of the developers themselves spending thousands in advertising dollars and waiting for people to come in for units, validating their financial feasibility, etc., they rely on platinum agents such as CondoGen. These platinum agents sell out about 50-80% of the entire building in record time. Nowadays, even more than that. These units are usually best in class and at the best price. CondoGen, is a leader in the platinum space. Through experience in successfully selling various pre-construction condo projects, our team now gets access to some of the best units. Because of our excellent relationship with developer’s, we get exclusive treatment for different condo projects. This includes exclusive incentives, lowest prices guaranteed and suite selection for clients backed by proven sales. Platinum brokers usually are backed by powerful condo brands such as CondoGen. The primary focus is pre-construction condos selling out dozens of projects in a matter of a few months. Working with CondoGen ensures that you get the best views, floor plans, levels, incentives, early access to inventory, and most importantly the best prices. This is the perfect opportunity at the VIP Price, and it really doesn’t get much better. Following platinum access, the condo developers usually open up to general realtors at which point the prices have gone up slightly. Following general realtors the condo project opens up to the public, at which point it is generally late to purchase for investment purposes as the best units are gone and also the prices have raised quite a bit. CondoGen is one of the leaders in the platinum space. To become a part of our platinum access database, and receive private platinum consultations, please register below:

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